Morgaine, Founding Elder Dreamer.
Samhain 2004 (updated 2007)
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Over the ages, the Avalon Mystery Tradition has amassed a daunting body of wisdom and lore far beyond what can be learned in one lifetime by any one person or group. Thus, contemporary Avalonian groups tend to found their spiritual practices on specific Avalonian archetypes and eras, forming Tradition branches not unlike the denominations of mainstream religions; our spiritual focus is the “Faery” (native) Druidry of the Age of the Mothers, in the time before the Celts. Avalon’s is a re-emerging Tradition whose isolated adherents were reunited only recently via the Internet, opening the way to the very roots of Avalon’s wisdom. Avalon Druid Order (ADO) is a product of this reflowering of Avalonian Tradition, and Avalon’s root wisdoms form the basis for our spiritual teachings and practice.

Our spiritual ancestors, the native Druids remembered in Celtic literature, were a peaceful people whose culture was subsumed by incoming warrior cults and the followers of a new religion. ADO offers guidance in reclaiming our spiritual birthright. We strive to live our lives in balance and dialogue with Nature; those with the courage to change and adapt will find here a template for harmonious living that is desperately needed today. Our Druid Way derives not from medieval grimoires, the minds of fantasy writers, or the annals of hostile cultures, but from a source native to the western world, whose wisdoms the Celts recognized and absorbed into their own lore and practice. It is a Way unlike any other, forged by the ancestors to endure far beyond the present day.

The heart of our spiritual community remains the gathering around the central hearthfire, where the dream that defines our collective ancestral identity (or “folk soul”) is held. Through the Dreaming we are each reborn to Tribal life, practices, customs, culture, and spirituality: the wellspring of our Druid practice. We come to know the Call to Avalon as a Call to Service, and our service focuses on healing the Wasteland that lies at the heart of Avalon's teachings, learning how humanity lays waste the land and how it may be restored. We are the Midwives of this healing and renewal. To this end, we believe that the key lies in reviving the native spiritual worldviews of our first ancestors and living them today... This is our ancestral Druid Way.

We work to reclaim our primal authority, adapting our spiritual craft to the needs of modern peoples and times. Avalon’s re-emergence in this time has long been foreseen, but prophecies are not guarantees; they must be manifest by those with heart for the task, and if those people come not forward the tasks remain unfulfilled. We are each here, then, in answer to this Call. To answer and effect this great spiritual renewal means being more than knowledgeable and erudite; it requires us to take action, to change, and to ask ourselves certain vital questions. It is our questions that actually matter. We may teach you how to ask the right questions, but we cannot tell you what answer(s) you will find after asking them and we cannot ask them for you. Your answers are already within you. They are revealed by asking, by seeking, through direct exploration, and by your own unique experience as a “walker-between-worlds”. The keys we provide are not guarantees. A spiritual path is a road with many windings and which way is right for another none can say, for the road is different for everyone. In the end there is only the path we follow, and those from which we turn aside.

Our Way is not a way for all people, for all Druids, or even for all Avalonians. Those who come to us seeking refuge from the hard choices facing humanity will be disappointed, for our Way is the Way of Truth, and Truth demands that we assume responsibility for our own duties and destinies, not hide from them. Those who come seeking to serve only their own ambitions and desires will likewise be disappointed, for our service is to the highest good of all and not to ourselves alone. Which of us will find our greatness here and which will discover a calling elsewhere, none can say. You have come seeking Avalon and you have found her. And you are come seeking Wisdom, but even the Wise cannot say if you will find it for Wisdom is a gift from and to the Self, and many the tests of its attainment. Even now you stand upon the threshold of change. Will you embrace it? We can only advise you to follow where your heart leads; should it so prompt you, enter with an open mind and heart and you shall be likewise met.

Be you blessed, gentle Seeker.

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