Becoming a Member

Orientation: The Required Home Study or "Aspirant" Course

At present, the Order lacks the resources to offer lessons as Podcasts, which would be more in line with oral tradition practice. Instead, we offer lessons by correspondence sent as PDF email attachments beginning 21 November (21 May, S. Hemisphere) and ending 21 August of each year. Study is self-directed; however, Aspirants who elect to pay the Aspirant Fee upon enrolling are assigned a personal tutor and gain access to additional website and Forum resources. Each lesson provides excerpts of tales from Avalon's oral tradition selected to confront Aspirants with dilemmas and challenges that are pertinent to life in a Traditional Order today. Lesson are divided into three parts: Endeavors, the Hunt, and Cycle Lore. It is neither expected nor desired that Aspirants strive for some "ultimate right answer" to their assignments; those of us with experience of Avalon's Druid Way know that every answer is really a momentary observation in an ever-unfolding and evolving process. We view these assignments more as progress reports in which Aspirants share current questions, observations, and experiences on a continuing journey. Two projects bind the lessons together, leading the Aspirant ever further into the heart of Avalon and the center of the Nine Tribes. You must successfully complete this course and be approved by the ADO Elder Council in order to become a Lifetime Member.  ***Please see "Training" pages and our Forum (Community Rules & Guidelines :: Conduct/Site Policy & User Agreement threads) for details of Aspirant course requirements.***

"Seed Package"

Sometimes the only way to be sure something feels right is to try it out for awhile. To this end, we have prepared a "Seed Package" for prospective members containing a pamphlet on the Order and Tribal community, the first two lessons of our nine-part Home Study, plus notices of any upcoming "open" ADO gatherings and events. When used in conjunction with participation at our Forum, these materials can provide you with the insight and information you need to make an informed decision. Should you elect to enroll as an Aspirant, the cost of the Seed Package will be deducted from your Aspirant Fee.

Full Enrolment (Paid Provisional or "Aspirant" Membership)

You can enroll directly in the full nine-month, tutored Home Study Course (21 Nov. - 21 Aug.)* or continue where the "Seed Package" left off by paying the balance due in full before the published deadline. Applications are accepted during the Samhain (1 November - 21 December) and Beltane (1 May - 21 June) portals. Seekers visiting our site during the winter and summer months between portals are invited to explore the website and post to the public area of our Forum. Getting to know us a bit better will help you feel more confident about your decision. Upon enrolling you will receive:
  • All Lessons necessary to complete the Home Study Course (our 9-mos. Introduction and Orientation to ADO spirituality and community).*
  • The Book of Tribes (ADO Members Manual, Vol. 1)
  • Tutoring* by an assigned ADO member for the duration of your Home Study enrolment.
  • Access* to some "members-only" resources.
Aspirants come from diverse backgrounds, creating a stimulating environment and enhancing the potential for group sharing and community discussion. The list of candidates approved for Lifetime Membership is announced annually on 21 September (21 March for S. Hemisphere Aspirants). New Members receive a Lifetime Member Certificate and invitation to the annual Dedication/Induction Ceremony. As Dedicants, they may continue study and spiritual practice through our e-community* or as part of an ADO Learning Circle or Grove. Aspirants must apply to join ADO of their own free wills. Aspirants and Members are admonished not to exert undue influence or coerce others into joining or remaining as members. We each have a unique destiny to fulfil and not all people will fulfil their destinies here.

Course Schedule for Aspirants in the Southern Hemisphere: 21 May - 21 February each year. Please note "Southern Hemisphere" on your application before submitting, and allow extra time for any payment you might send to be delivered.
Late enrolments are accepted up to one (1) month after the start of coursework, provided that full payment has been received. Aspirants who fall more than two (2) months behind submitting assignments will be withdrawn from the course. Provided all other requirements, terms and conditions continue to be met, Aspirants are allowed three (3) attempts to complete the course before their applications are refused. Regrets, but we do not grant refunds for missed coursework or ship lessons to Aspirants who are withdrawn from the course.
(Aspirants on Deferred Payment receive access to the Forum Aspirant course discussion thread.  Paying Aspirants also receive access to our chatroom, forum, additional web pages, and a personal tutor.)

Youth Memberships

Under-age children and youths* may be enrolled as provisional Youth members for an additional fee ($25.00 USD per each additional family member) with the prior written consent of both parents or legal guardians, provided that at least one (1) parent or legal guardian has successfully completed the Aspirant course, been inducted as a Lifetime Member, paid the Aspirant / Services Fee, and maintains current, active membership with the Order. Youth memberships expire when youths reach the legal age of independence, at which time they may become Candidates for Lifetime membership.  Candidates must satisfy the Council or its designated authority as to their qualifications and compatibility with ADO beliefs and worldview. Youths who become Lifetime Members are inducted at the same annual ceremony as Aspirants.

Applying to Join

You are now arrived at the moment of decision. You have made a thorough examination of the website. You've studied our member requirements, read our e-Journal, and spent time getting to know us at our Forum. Now the portal has arrived: Only you can say whether this commitment is right for you; and only you can take the steps that will open your mind, heart, and spirit to change. Your submission of this application constitutes your acceptance of all terms, conditions, and requirements.  Are you ready to submit your application?...


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Avalon Druid Order Application Form

  • Provisional ("Aspirant") Membership begins 1 November or May 1 with enrolment upon successful conclusion of the course.  Enrolment may be terminated by either party for reasons of noncompliance or incompatibility..
  • Lifetime Membership follows successful completion of the course and unanimous approval of the ADO Elder Council, and begins with your formal oath of membership at the time of Dedication. Membership is conditional upon your continued compliance with all member requirements.
  • The Home Study course run from 21 November to 21 Aug (or 21 May to 21 Feb, S. Hemisphere) each year.  Regrets, but no late enrolments or refunds for withdrawals and/or refusal of Lifetime Memberships.

INSTRUCTIONS: After studying all membership, training, and governing documents at our website and forum...
Please complete all form fields before submitting. "Family" applicants must be relatives living in the same household. The "primary" family member is defined as the head of household. Your information is kept strictly confidential, and will not be sold, shared, or published outside the Order without your prior permission, except as required by US law for tax or law enforcement purposes. (Returning Members, see below.)

SERVICES REQUESTED  (Choose the option that best suits your needs. Payment options shown at bottom of form.)

(Verifiable by ADO staff through free, Internet Directory sources, or as provided by applicant via copy of a recent utility bill showing name, address, and phone as given on application, with account and payment information blacked out.  If identity cannot be verified, the application will be denied.)

MEMBERSHIP FOCUS OF PRIMARY (ADULT) MEMBER  (Choose the options that best describe your intended focus as a member.)
(First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)
(Street, House or Apt. Number, City, State, Zip)
(Country Code, Area Code, Local Exchange, Phone Number)
(F. Name, M.I., L. Name; separate individuals using (;) semi-colon)
ADO MEMBER NUMBER (Former ADO Members Only)

(Legal requirements for applying to join our membership and to enroll in the required Home Study course.)
Reminder to Parents or Legal Guardians: The Avalon Druid Order (ADO) is deeply committed to self-empowerment within community, and to ideals of personal responsibility, reliability, honesty, discipline, compassionate discernment, and assessment of real progress, as vital attainments for all members within the Order. Youth members are held to the same standards and attendance requirements as adults, but to succeed they need your cooperation and assistance. Please ensure that you are able and willing to provide appropriate support (transportation, supervision, garb and gear, etc.) to Youth members prior to giving your consent for membership. Parents/Guardians must submit a COPPA-Consent Forum for minor youth with application.


(In order to match you with an appropriate tutor or mentor, please answer the following questions. If more than one person is applying to enroll, please provide the answers that are most accurate for you as a couple or group.)
(Rank the following from 1 to 7 in order of importance:
1= Least Important, 7= Most important)
Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of another Avalonian group?  (If so, please enter the group's name below.)
Home Study (classroom / correspondence)
(In ADO, all members volunteer to serve within our community. Which of the following would you most prefer to do?)
Administrative functions (board, officers, staff)
Public relations / Educational outreach
Events planning and management
Member publications
I/we don't wish to (or cannot) volunteer
(Choose the answer that most reflects your own feelings.)
Is this your first time on a Druid or Pagan path?
Please share a brief, personal spiritual history, including the groups with which you studied and your level of attainment in each.
What attracted you to ADO?
What brings you to Avalon's shores? 
(Rank the following mentor styles according to preference.)
Experiential, hands-on
Methodical, logical, probing
Challenging, intuitive
Inquisitive, demanding
Detached, intellectual
Assuming that you complete all requirements and are accepted into our membership, what do you hope to gain by joining?
What do you plan to give in exchange for what you receive?
(Rank the following learning styles according to your personal preference.)
Academic (conventional classroom)
Laboratory (hands-on, experiential learning)
Lecture / Demonstration
Colloquy (question and response)
Exploration (quest or hunt)
Direct observation and contemplation
Ecstatic experience (visions, dreams)
Are you willing to subject your spiritual work to evaluation and verification by the Elders, and to abide by their findings with regard to its place in this Tradition?
(Rank the following according to their importance to you.)
Actively participate in a working spiritual community (membership) devoted to studying and practicing ADO spirituality.
Acquire lands for an ADO residential retreat/training center and future community, to be operated by live-in staff teacher/caretakers.
Attend local ADO spiritual and cultural events.
Create a Fund to aid low-income members in attending ADO spiritual events.
[Cost of paid "Seed Package" may be deducted from enrolment fee by written notification to the ADO Email address.]

Donate to foundations and charities preserving sacred sites.
Please list your natal Sun, Rising, and  Moon signs, if known:
      You have now completed the application for a "Seed Package" and/or Home Study Course enrolment. This form will be held for one year. Your submission of this form constitutes your confirmation of enrolment and request to be considered as a candidate for membership.

       Submission of this form serves as your legal attestation that you have read, understood, and agree to all terms and conditions of membership and enrolment. Your provisional membership begins upon receipt of enrolment and full payment at the ADO membership office.

        To request special payment arrangements, please see our Payment Plan page. To reset the form and begin again, press "Reset". To submit your completed item request and/or member application/enrolment form, please press "Submit".

Payment Information

Payment may be made by personal check or money order payable to:

Avalon Druid Order (ADO)
PO Box 62151
Ft Myers, FL 33906

For your own security, please include tracking when sending payments. Allow ten working days for delivery. (Note: A fee will be charged to the member's account each time a check is returned for payment.) 

NOTE: Families enrolling more than two people please click the "Couple or Parent" link one (1) time, then click "Addt'l. Family Member" one (1) time. Once in the pay site, change the quantity for "Addt'l. Family Member" to reflect the actual number of additional family members enrolling.

Once this form has been submitted, you become an Aspirant (provisional ADO member). At that time, you will be approved to receive the Book of Tribes, coursework, and such access to any additional resources for which you are eligible. The question of Lifetime Membership will be reviewed upon your successful completion of the required Home Study Course and approval of your candidacy by the ADO Elder Council. Aspirants will be notified of Council decisions by 21 September (S. Hemisphere:  21 March), 30 days after completing the Course. All determinations are final. For additional payment options and special considerations, please see "Assistance" (next page).

Thank you for your interest in Avalon Druid Order;
we look forward to sharing wisdoms with you!
     PLEASE NOTEPlaces are limited!

     Applications are held for one year from date of submission. Regrets, but we cannot ship lessons to Aspirants who are 2+ mos. behind in coursework or who withdraw or are removed from the course.  There are no exceptions.  Also, there are no refunds.  If you are unsure, please request a Seed Package so that you may review the sample lessons and make an informed choice.
   For more information, please write:
Subject Header: Payments


Members leave ADO for many reasons; some voluntarily, and others involuntarily due to incompatibility with the Tradition and/or our community. In the interest of maintaining social harmony, all former ADO members must, as a condition for enrolment, first satisfy the ADO Elder Council or its designated authority with regard to the following:
  • Provide a statement explaining the reason you left and why you now wish to return.
  • Obtain a clean spiritual bill of health from an ADO-approved Healer.   (Where addiction was an issue, you must continue to attend a recovery and support programme, such as A.A..)
  • Resolve any outstanding disciplinary actions and/or violations remaining from past ADO membership(s).
  • Amend and resolve the causes of past problems, including reparation to any injured party/ies for wrongs done them, and take reasonable precautionary measures to avoid these problems recurring in future.
  • Be prepared to forfeit your claim to membership should any or all of the aforementioned problems and/or issues recur.
ADO teachings have evolved substantially over time.  Our spiritual teachings and practices are now firmly set in Avalon's Root Wisdoms and centre on a much earlier period and culture (i.e. Age and Archetype) than they did before; therefore all Aspirants must start their studies and spiritual practice at the beginning.  The Elder Council (or its designated authority) reserves to itself the right to assess each candidate's qualifications for Lifetime Membership and to refuse those candidates whom it deems unsuitable. Council decisions are based primarily upon candidates' demonstrable compatibility with ADO tenets, customs, beliefs, and worldview, and their conformance to member requirements. Our thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding. By submitting this application you do attest and affirm that you understand and agree to satisfy these requirements.
Introductory Items & Enrolment:

Seed Package  $30.00 USD

First 2 lessons of ADO Home Study and information on membership; cost deducted should you decide to enrol. (Simply click the "remaining lessons" link below):

Remaining Lessons:  one (1) individual-$270 USD
Remaining Lessons:  couple/family-$420 USD

Full Enrolment (starts 21 Nov./21 May)

Individual -$300 USD
Couple-$450 USD
Add one (1) addit'l family member-$25 USD

Which of these areas is most important to you?

Introductory "Seed Package": $30 USD (Deductible from Full Enrolment)
Home Study Individual Enrolment: PDF or MS Word $300 USD
Home Study Couple/Parent Enrolment: $450 USD (+ $25 ea. addt'l family member)
Tribes (general ADO membership / spiritual community)
Druids (by invitation only: intensive face-to-face study track plus travel as necessary)
I/we will provide legal consent as required for applicants who are minors under the law.
I/we attest to understand and agree to uphold all ADO members rules and guidelines.
I/we agree to to the ADO Site Policy & User Agreement (at link, right).
I feel destined to serve
I have a strong ancestral connection there.
I haven't a clue.
A permanent place in a stable community.
The power and wisdom of the ancient Druids.
A spiritual home.
All of the above.
The Aspirant/Novice fee is more than enough.
My active participation in community events.
Fealty in good times and in bad.
Comparative religious studies.
The literary Avalon.
Native ("Faery") Avalon.
The Tribes (ADO spiritual community).
Becoming an expert.
The unknown.
Northern Hemisphere Start Date
Southern Hemisphere Start Date
Yes, I was/am.
No, this is my first Avalonian group.
It's as good a place as any to start.
I have friends who are members.
I am a looking for an Avalonian group.
I like the idea of traditional learning.
I like the idea of having a spiritual lineage.
I wanted a community-oriented approach.
I haven't a clue.