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Well, we tried to avoid it... but we in the end there were just too many links, webrings, and awards not to afford them a page of their own!... Shown below are sites of particular interest to members of our Order, ranging from support and protection for sacred sites to curiosities and scholarly resources. May you find them as useful as we have!

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In North America

Scholarly Resources

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* Links are provided to facilitate general, comparative research only. Provision of these resources does not constitute ADO endorsement of, or affiliation with linked mentors or groups. ADO Members are admonished to to keep ADO spiritual beliefs, teachings, and practices separate from material obtained outside of ADO.

Metaphysical Items of Interest

Webrings & Awards

        Deepest thanks to the websites, rings, and directories listed below for helping to get the word out about Avalon Druid Order! Since we seldom advertise we would likely have few new visitors without their generosity in alerting people to our presence, and we are genuinely grateful. They are excellent sources of information on paganism and Neodruidry, and we hope our visitors will avail themselves of these resources.
A Spiritalk Gathering
Native Americans site where your search for Truth is of primary importance! What the history books failed to include because the dominant culture considered Indians third class citizens!"
The Avalon Druid Order (ADO) believes that allies are stronger than any single spiritual tradition on its own.  
We are proud to have helped our Icelandic cousins to strike a spark which may begin "Melting the Ice in the Heart of Man".

The strongest alliances are born around the hearthfire, whose circle encompasses us all.  We hope we have initiated such an alliance here, and  invite you to listen to these stories, for with these native people we are joined in a common cause.

Listen with your heart, and let your heart decide the truth of the matter.
Ice Wisdom: Native Elders of Greenland
Philip Carr-Gomm of OBOD, for offering us a link on the original Amazon page for "The Book of English Magic" (co-authored with Richard Heygate).