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The Core of the Apple:

        Much of what we believe may be found on the FAQ page of this website, and the particulars may be found on the Bylaws page in the download called "Belief & Vision Statements: Codes of Ethics and Conduct", but for the Seeker who would appreciate a brief overview of the ADO's guiding principles, this page may suffice.

        Members of the Avalon Druid Order (ADO) follow core beliefs which conform to those common to all followers of the Avalon Mystery Tradition (or 'Avalonian Tradition').  We have already elucidated these beliefs in the aforementioned documents, so there is no need to repeat them here.  What has not been elucidated are some of the assumptions underlying these Traditional ethics and values.  These are covered mainly in The Book of Tribes (the ADO members manual), but we can summarise them for you here.

        Members are expected to uphold the Nine Measures; the ancestral definition of the person of good character:

A similar standard applies to ancestral communities, and like the Nine Measures, all members are expected to strive to fulfil them:


(To be continued ... )