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    Like other Druids, members of Avalon Druid Order (ADO) place a high value on quality, creative expression, and life-long learning. In addition to providing vital member information, our journal, "Messenger of the Gods" (or "MoG"), is a place for members to share their work and talents with one another. It is the ADO's primary member publication. Up until now, MoG has been a members-only newsletter. Recently, with the shift from newsletter to journal, the possibility has been raised of offering it to the general public. There are, of course, strong arguments both for and against this proposal. Whilst a public journal might help to dispel misconceptions about the nature and purpose of Druidism generally and ADO Druidry in particular, it would also limit the depth of the work shared to only what can be shared with an uninitiated audience. This is more of an issue for Traditionalist Druids than it is for most Neodruids.

    This is because unlike most Neodruid groups our studies are mainly based not on standard academia, but on the lore and oral tradition teachings that have been passed down to us through our families and/or teachers. We do not acknowledge any non-Druid as being an authority on Druidism -- still less on Avalonian Druidry. Caesar and his adherents do not define Avalon or its Tradition; nor do we see the ancient Druids as resembling modern scholars. Our view of modern education as antithetical to traditional learning has been vindicated by recent university studies in Siberia and Australia documenting the negative impact of modern education on the beliefs, customs, and spiritual practices of surviving native communities. These studies document the fact that linear, materialist mindset is incompatible with native modes of thought and actually impairs or extinguishes intuitive abilities within ten years of being introduced (a fact likely to induce blushes one day amongst those who have sought mainstream acceptance through the validation of modern academia). The problem, apparently, is as much in the way that modern education trains the mind to perceive as it is in what it trains the mind to accept as 'real'.

    Obviously, we cannot seek to become Druids through a methodology that destroys the Druid Mind, and so we adhere as closely as possible to traditional methods. What we share are not intellectual theories, but observations arising directly from personal experience. As personal experiences, they are thus inescapably intimate. Such sharing is possible because it is based on trust, rooted in the knowledge that we are all engaged in the same work, taking the same emotional risks. But this claim cannot be made of the general public -- and therein lies the rub. We cannot expect members to share the intimate details of their spiritual lives with those who share neither a frame of reference nor cultural context for understanding their experiences, nor have had the experiences themselves, and who must therefore remain outside interpretors, redefining the world of the ancestors according to completely irrelevant modern perspectives. Therefore the decision of whether to open MoG to public scrutiny has rested on observing what kind of Journal MoG seems inclined to become.

    As a small Order, our e-Journal (like our website) is created by volunteers. As Druids, excellence is important to us so clipart is kept to a minimum, if not eliminated. Original images are created by manipulating original member photographs or using different combinations of freeware. Occasionally we are blessed to share work by outside artists. Guest cover artists provide their work free to ADO in exchange for a link here, and bio and contact information inside the agreed publication. This allows us to feature the work of promising and gifted artists while also enhancing the appearance of our publications. All artwork must be approved by the Editor(s) and/or by our Elder Council prior to use. If you would like to share your work by allowing ADO to feature it in a publication, please contact the ADO Midwife (subject line: MoG artwork).

    At the present time the Council feels confident that MoG is appropriate fare for the public. The first issue will become available at Samhain 2008, with the intent that MoG remain a public Journal for as long as it continues and is able to serve both members and the public without compromising the spiritual work of the Order. Subscribers are asked to observe all copyright laws. Only ADO members may submit work for publication. The BoG reserves the right to impose or withdraw fees without prior notice, as may best serve the needs of the Order at any given time. If a password is currently in use, it will be sent upon receipt of the current Subscriber's fee.  Please "Join the MoG Mailing List" (link below) to receive notices of changes to fees or other terms and conditions for subscription. Your use of this mailing list constitutes your acceptance of these terms, and your consent for ADO to send information, announcements, and updates to you using the email address you have provided. You remain solely responsible to update your email address with us by adding your new address to the MoG mailing list (below), and notifying us by email  (ado_admin@avalondruidorder.org; subject line: MoG update) to remove your old address.

    Unfortunately, current Internet "spam" laws make it inadviseable to send MoG to subscribers via email attachment, but you may download it from this page. Please do not open the file here; download it by right clicking the image and saving the document to your own desktop.  Also, please remember that while we do what we can to ensure that all links at our website are safe, no website is completely secure and you assume full responsibility for any damage or inconvenience that may result from downloading files or following links at this website.

    Now that we've finished the formalities, we invite you to share something of this wonderful journey with us! Feel free to write us with any questions and comments you might have about Avalon Druid Order (ADO) and with suggestions for improving our online journal.

Copyright Notice: Text and background image copyright (c) 2000, 2010 by Morgaine for ADO. World rights reserved.
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    The ADO "Messenger of the Gods" is published a minimum of twice per year at Samhain and Beltane or, if there is sufficient news to warrant it, thrice yearly at the commencement of each tide (21 September, 21 January, and 21 May). Occasionally, an issue may be held or published early to accommodate the need to share urgent news. Special Editions are occasionally published in May for Lammas-tide to accommodate any overflow of member submissions.  Issues may be removed from the website early if the information their information is made obsolete by new policies or procedures.  Should this happen, please check again at the next portal for our next issue!

Submission Requirements: All submissions must have Avalon as their main theme or topic, and include: your name as you wish it to appear for publication, your ADO member number (if applicable), a brief Bio and recent "head shot" (photo portrait), and your primary email address. Please send all submissions to the above email address as email attachments; documents in MS Word sans formatting (for texts) and images in GIF or JPEG formats, 250 dpi resolution (for images). Creators retain responsibility for defending copyright of their own works. Regrets, but originals cannot be returned. Please send us a quality copy and keep your original with its creation date safe at home.

    Readers are reminded that all original ADO text and images published in our members journal are subject to ADO copyright and agreement(s). Works presented under “Member Contributions” are protected under the copyright of the original artists / authors. Please address any requests for use of these works, or for republication or redistribution, to the copyright holders directly.

TO PRINT: The "Messenger of the Gods" is designed to print double-sided on 11" x 17" paper as a folded booklet. The pages will not appear in the correct order until the booklet is assembled. Print so that all pages are facing the same direction, front and back. There should be 2 pages on each side of each sheet of paper. To assemble the booklet, keep the sheets in order. Starting with the cover page, fold in half with the cover image facing out. Re-open and lay flat on a table. Take the second sheet and fold in half, then re-open and lay on the first sheet. Repeat for each sheet until all the sheets have been folded, re-opened, and laid on top of the previous sheet. The last sheet should now be on top. Pick up all sheets together and fold in half to make a booklet. Flip through and make sure the pages are in the right order and reading correctly, then staple and--

Other Member Publications

    ADO members will find additional published resources at the Tribes, Groves and Resources pages of this website. Not all of these resources are available to all members, and not all are free. Some become available upon completion of certain training requirements. Any monies collected go directly back to the Order for general operating expenses and provision of member resources. In most cases, publications are provided as PDF downloads. As with all ADO publications, all materials are copyright Morgaine / ADO, and all rights are reserved. Many copy services (such as Kinko's) apply their own copyright to everything copied or printed by them.  (It's in the user agreement that appears briefly onscreen when you access their computers, and on notices usually placed near the service / payment counter.  We recommend reading this fine print carefully before you use their services.)  Using ADO materials in a manner which potentially compromises our copyrights is itself a violation of copyright --which is why if you would like to special order bound copies of ADO publications you may do so only through the Order by emailing the ADO Midwife at the ADO email address.  Thank you for appreciating our position on this matter.

We hope you enjoy the "Messenger of the Gods" (or MoG), and we look forward to sharing wisdoms with you!

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***Regrets, but due to changes in Intuit/Homestead's website services, it is no longer practical for us to offer automatic mailings.  Publishing delays may occasionally occur.  If you wish to be emailed a notice when the MoG is published, please email us at:  ado_admin@avalondruidorder.org
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