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        The following resources are provided for ADO member use only. Please do not share these materials with anyone who is not a current ADO Lifetime Member in good standing within the Order. If you are unsure about someone's right to access ADO resources, or if you have questions and/or comments about these materials or the rules governing their use, please refer them to the ADO Midwife at the ADO email address: ado_admin@avalondruidorder.orgsubject line: Member Publications.  Please report any violations of these requirements to the ADO Members Liaison, or problems which could compromise the security of ADO resources to the ADO Web Mistresssubject line:  ADO Resources Issues, at the aforementioned email address.  We appreciate your assistance in safeguarding our Tradition.

Brochures, Fliers & Other Public Handouts

        The following documents are intended for use at public information booths and ADO events hosted by organisations as CUUPS (part of the UU Church) and "Pagan Pride Day". Any ADO member may offer these materials for free to the public at such events, but members must have the prior written permission of the Council before publicly representing ADO or making public statements or presentations about ADO spiritual practices.  Official statements and presentations must conform to ADO policies and procedures on what information may be shared, with whom, and under what circumstances. There are no exceptions.

        Of necessity, this will mean leaving more unsaid than is said.  Please do not put your own membership or Grove at risk by yielding to pressure from audiences or event organisers for more information. Your use of this information constitutes your legal agreement to distribute this information appropriately and in accordance with ADO Member Requirements, and to be a responsible ambassador for ADO in your interactions with other communities.

PLEASE NOTE:  Lifetime Members may download any of these materials. The Book of Tribes (Members Manual, Volume I), brochures, fliers, forms and FAQs are provided as free downloads.

Other resources are provided on a "donation per book" basis. "For Donation" resources include: Dreaming the Tribes, The Grove Book, and the Book of Druids (Members Manual Volume II).  Choose "Read Only" when opening. Some files may be password protected. Check the Forum for current member passwords or ask a Mentor for assistance. If you've made your donation, the password will be provided. Please remember that your donation is tax deductibleSend us a reminder letter in December of each year listing any donations you've made, when you made them, the amount and type of each donation (i.e. the fund to which your donation was to be allocated, e.g. "operational/general expenses"). We will send you a confirmation letter for your tax records for all of the donations you've made.

If you cannot afford to pay there are other ways to give something back for what you receive. Please contact the ADO Members Liaison to discuss ways you can serve.

You are responsible to secure these documents where they will not be accessed by non-members and to ensure that the requirements for use indicated on the copyright pages are met.
    Intensive Workshops

        Intensive Workshops are different from Tribes Gatherings in a number of important ways:

Each Intensive Workshop offers four (4) full days of training and exercises under the guidance of ADO Mentoring Elders. Participants arrive on the evening before the first day, and depart on the morning after the last day of sessions. You must attend the all four days in order to get credit for each Workshop and be approved to proceed to the next Level. Please see the Forum / Forum Calendar for upcoming Workshop Schedules.

Level I Intensive: The Call to Avalon

Day 1:   (On Arrival) House Rules, Overview of Workshop, Sharing Cup
​        Cosmology: The Modern Tradition & The Avalonian Dreamtime
​        Cosmology: 3 Realms, 7 Directions & 9 Elements
​        Cosmology: The Body & The Sacred Landscape
​        Cosmology: Gods & Spirits
​        Cycle:            Avalonian Healing Cycle
​        Cycle:            Elements of Personal Spiritual Practice
​        Cycle:            Elements of Group Spiritual Practice
​        Skills:            Banishing, Grounding, Centring, Shielding
​        Skills:            Warding

Day 2:   Review & Clarification from Day 1
​        Energy Work: Cycle of Breath
​        Energy Work: Basic Breathwork
​        Energy Work: Moving, “Sending (Directing) & Storing Energy
​        Safety:           Dangers & Safeguards for Energy / Spiritual Work
​        Cosmology: 3 Parts of the Soul
​        Safety:          Meeting Your Soul Guides: Familiar, Pathwalker, Wisdom Guide & Avalon Guide
​        Cosmology: Reciprocation

Day 3:   Review & Clarification from Day 2
​        Cosmology: Avalon's Archetypal Sacred Landscape
​        Skills:           Basic Dowsing
​        Sacred Space: Mapping Your Local Landscape, Citing Ancestor Altars & Ritual Circles
​        Skills:           Spirit Flight: Immram & Doorway
​        Skills:           Scripting, Intruders, “Psychic Attacks” & Other Perceived Obstructions
​        Skills:           Interpreting Your Results: The Power of Myth
​        Skills:           Shared Dreaming
​        Skills:           Dream Re-entry

Day 4:   Review & Clarification from Day 3
​        Skills:           Personal Work--BoSL
​        Community-Building: Learning Circles
​        Community-Building: How to Form & Maintain a Learning Circle
​        Community-Building: From Learning Circle to Grove
​        Cosmology: Ritual & Ceremony
​        Cosmology: About Ritual Evocation & Invocation
​        Cosmology: Simple Public Tribes Ceremony
​        Skills:           Prepare & Perform Closing Ceremony / Celebration
        Community-Building: Feedback, Sharing Cup

Level II Intensive: Answering the Call

Day 1:   (On Arrival) House Rules, Overview of Workshop, Sharing Cup
​        Cosmology: Overview of the Naohm
​        Cosmology: Daily Life & Seasonal Migration Amongst the Tribes
​        Cosmology: Regional Variations & Variations Between the 3 Archetypal Orders
​        Skills:            Adapting the Way to the Needs of Modern Life
​        Skills:            Guidelines & Rules for “Improvisation”
​        Community-Building: Discovering Avalonian Past Lives & Resolving Soul Debts
​        Community-Building: Meeting Your Tribe’s First Ancestors
​        Community-Building: Dreaming Our Ancestral Identity
​        Community-Building: Dreaming Our Tribe’s Origins
​        Skills:            Verification: Sharing Our Stories
​        Community-Building: Developing and Sharing Collective Awareness
​        Skills:            Preparation for Dream Seeding
​        Skills:            Seeding the Ancestral Soul Dream

Day 2:   Review & Clarification from Day 1
​        Skills:            Creating a Shelter, Finding Water, Making Fire
​        Skills:            Wildcrafting, Hunting & Fishing
​        Skills:            Weaving, Spinning, Casting, Balancing & Supporting
​        Community-Building: Group Sharing--Spinning & Weaving the Story of the Day

Day 3:   Review & Clarification from Day 2
​        Cosmology: Avalonian Healing
​        Skills:            Tribal Methods of Healing
​        Skills: Uncovering & Telling the Story of Dis-Ease
​        Energy Work: Basic Scanning & Toning Techniques
​        Energy Work: Work with the Three Cauldrons
​        Energy Work: Work with the Light Centres
​        Energy Work: Finding & Singing Your Healing Song
​        Cosmology: The Periglour (or Anam Cara): Soul Counselling & Soul “Sponsors”
​        Skills:            Minding the Sacred Spring or Well
​        Cosmology: The Binding Song & The Song of the Land
​        Energy Work: Remembering & Singing the Song of Songs
​        Skills:            Setting, Kindling & Tending the Central Hearthfire

Day 4:   Review & Clarification from Day 3
​        Community-Building:  Crafting Tribal Garb & Sacred Tools
​        Community-Building: Meal Preparation
​        Cosmology: The Hallows
​        Energy Work: Charging, Empowering, Using & “Passing On” Sacred Objects
​        Cosmology: Simple Closed Tribes Ritual
​        Skills:            Prepare & Perform Closing Ceremony / Celebration
        Community-Building: Feedback, Sharing Cup

Level III Intensive: The Kiss of Ceridwen

Day 1:   (On Arrival) House Rules, Overview of Workshop, Sharing Cup
​        Skills:            Tribal Rites of Passage (Naming, Adulthood / DoCs, Blessings & Protective Charms for Dwellings
                              & Fields, Mother / Fatherhood, Elderhood, Separation & Parting)
​        Skills:            Creating a Naming Ceremony
​        Skills:            Creative Blessings, Protective Charms & Amulets
​        Cosmology: The Tribe’s Role in DoCs--Preparing the Candidate to “Sit Their Long Nights” (Vigil); the Ritual
                              Bath, Blessing (“Paint”) Ceremony, Empowerment (“Hair Cutting”) Ceremony, Processing the
                              Candidate to the Druids
                              Preparing the Celebration Feast, Witnessing the Candidate’s Return, Formally Accepting the
                              Candidate Back
​        Skills:            Review of DoC Process
​        Community-Building:  What to Do with Unhappy Candidates and/or Families
​        Community-Building:  The Role of Children

Day 2:   Review of DoC process
​        Skills:            Rehearse Tribe's portion of DoC
​        Skills:            Perform Tribe's portion of DoC

Day 3:   Review & Clarification from Day 2
​        Cosmology: The role of Elders within the Tribes
​        Cosmology: Order of Precedence (Druids & Elders)
​        Skills:            Overview of Elderhood Rite
​        Cosmology: The Tribe’s Role in Elderhood Rites: Processing the Candidate to the Ritual Bath, Blessing
                              (“Paint”) Ceremony, Preparing the Celebration Feast, Witnessing the Candidate’s Return,
                              Processing the Candidate to the “throne” at the Central Hearthfire, Gifting Ceremony,
​        Skills:            Review of Process for Elderhood Rite
​        Skills:            Rehearse & Perform Elderhood Rite

Day 4:   Review & Clarification from Day 3
​        Cosmology: About Ritual Evocation
​        Cosmology: Steps for Performing Ritual Evocation
​        Energy Work: Rehearse Evocational Ritual
​        Energy Work: Prepare & Perform Closing Ceremony / Celebration
​        Community-Building: Feedback, Sharing Cup

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Law Enforcement & Media FAQ

The following FAQ Sheet is intended for distribution by local ADO members and Groves to local law enforcement agencies and/or security firms responsible for securing venues used for ADO events, and to members of the media who may be covering ADO events and require information about ADO beliefs and spiritual practices.  Please provide law enforcement and security firms with this information at least a week before scheduled events, and provide a contact name and number should they have any questions or concerns.

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Law Enforcment & Media FAQ
Law Enforcment & Media FAQ
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