Upcoming Events

Forging the Bonds of Community one Gathering at a Time ...

(We look forward to adding more local ADO events as our membership community grows.  If you are an ADO Lifetime Member, and have scheduled local events or activities to be added to this page, please contact the ADO Midwife .
In the meantime, here is what's on offer:)

October 2017 - October 2018

Mid-Atlantic Region, USA

  • Beltaine Weekend Intensive Training:   (Memorial Day Weekend: 25-28 May at Rhosyn Ddraig Grove House) Subjects are tailored to the needs of attending ADO members. Duration: 4 days.  [ADO Lifetime Members only.  Pls. RSVP by 30 April 2018.]
  • 2018 ADO Tribes Gathering:  (1 Oct-7 Oct at location TBD; hosted by Rhosyn Ddraig Grove) Annual Members Gathering for training, community-building, Tribes Rebirthings (new member inductions), Dreams of Calling, and ritual.   2018  Focus: Traditional lore & songs, forms of Ritual Ceremony; review and practice Tribes Rebirthing Ceremony & DoCs. Duration:  1 week.   [ADO Lifetime Members only.  Pls. RSVP by 15 May 2018.]
  • Sun, Moon & Stars Rituals at Rhosyn Ddraig Grove:   (Ceremony 7:30pm/6:30pm when for Wed. nite Moons, at the Grove House; last night of DM, and first night of FM. Eclipse and other periodic celestial rituals as published here.) Traditional Avalonian Celestial Rituals.   Duration:  3 hours.  [ADO Lifetime Members only.  Pls. RSVP no later than 3 days before Ceremony, and arrive one hour before ritual. Bring a dish to pass for post-ritual repast.]

Southeast Region, USA

  • [Pending Final Approval]   2019 ADO Tribes Gathering:  (4-11 October hosted by Sr. Da'jeena) Annual Members Gathering for training, community-building, Tribes Rebirthings (new member inductions), Dreams of Calling, and ritual.   2019 Focus: TBD.   Duration:  1 week.    [ADO Lifetime Members only.  Pending approval, pls. RSVP by 15 May 2019.]
  • (Other Events TBD)

Nova Scotia, Canada

  • 2017 ADO Tribes Gathering:  (30 Sept-9 Oct hosted by Br. Cal) Annual Members Gathering for Training, Community-Building, Tribes Rebirthings (new member inductions), Dreams of Calling, and Ritual.   2017 Focus: the Sacred Landscape, Elemental Correspondences & Metaphysical Laws, Ritual Ceremony, Traditional music and lore.  Duration:  10 days.  [ADO Lifetime Members only]
PLEASE NOTE:     Pets, electronic media, and except as otherwise indicated, children and non-members, are not permitted at ADO functions, including Grove meetings and Annual Tribes Gatherings . Please leave your cell, smart phone, pager, i-pad and other electronic devices at home or turned off in your luggage or car until the event is over and participants have dispersed.  Leave pets at home or if you are  hosting an event, keep them away from work and sleep areas.  If you are sometimes on call for work, please arrange to be off duty for the duration of the event. We will arrange for urgent messages only to be conveyed to you through the site venue and/or accommodations.   The Order hasn't the resources to provide child care.   Members and guests who bring children to approved ADO events are responsible to ensure their safety, supervision, and appropriate conduct.  In the interest of our mentors and membership community, those who are unable to meet these requirements will be asked to leave ADO events.