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          To enrol as an ADO Aspirant, please complete and submit the form below with your payment for the Aspirant Fee.  The cost of full enrolment is $300 USD.      A Seed Package containing the first two lessons and additional information about the Order is available for $30 USD using the PayPal link below.  The cost of the Seed Package will be deducated from the cost of your enrolment.

          The ADO Elder Council selects candidates for Lifetime Membership based upon coursework assessments, demonstrable compatibility with ADO Tradition and the ADO spiritual community, and intuitive/spiritual guidance.  Returning ADO members must meet all current requirements, resolve any issues remaining from previous memberships, and be approved by the ADO Elder Council, in order to be accepted as current Lifetime Members.  The ADO Elder Council reserve the right to deny membership to any Aspirant or member they deem to be incompatible, unfit, or unqualified to fulfil all current and Traditional member requirements, whether now or in future.

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Enrolment Form/Membership Application

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1. Complete and submit the
    Form using the button at
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2. Submit your payment via
    PayPal using the buttons
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    payment* to the Avalon
    Druid Order (ADO) at:
    PO Box 62141, Ft. Myers,
    FL 33906 USA.

* For payments by post:  [Domestic Mail]  Please send a check
[International Mail]  Please use Bank Cheques or Postal Money Orders in US Dollars.
Please send all payments with tracking, but with NO SIGNATURE required.

NOTE:  You will not be assigned a Mentor, receive access to additional training or ADO resources, be permitted to hold office or vote in ADO elections, or be accepted into the ADO Druid Novitiate until you have paid the Aspirant Fee in full.

FEE WAIVERS:  Requests based upon permanent financial disability are reviewed by the BoG, and granted on the basis of the quality of the proofs offered in support of such claims, and on condition that you reciprocate in the manner assigned by the BoG.

Before sending your substantiating documentation: Please redact unique Tax ID and/or account numbers from our copy of your financial paperwork.   Submit your documentation with your application as PDF email attachments to The ADO email  -or- send both the application and substantiating documents by Post, to:  The Avalon Druid Order, PO Box 62151, Ft. Myers, FL 33906 USA. [ Please allow several weeks when submitting by Post.  You will receive an email when we have received and reviewed your documents.]
"The value of the Well is not known until it runs dry."
COPPA Laws Protecting the Identity of Minors

ADO is legally required to keep a memberhship roll, and to collect emergency contact information for children participating as Provisional Members of the Order.  As respects Youth Members' rights to privacy, the ADO will:
  • Never demand more information than is necessary for your child or youth to participate in an activity or event.
  • Make your child's information available for your review, or delete it, at any time, on your written request.
  • Never knowingly provide your child's information to 3rd parties.  [However, this information may be required by 3rd party clients providing social media, forums, and other 'add-on' services.]
As the Legal Guardian of a Minor, you have the right/agree to:
  • Refuse us further use of your child's information at any time, by written request.
  • Take sole responsibility for your child's participation, behaviour, and safety at ADO activities and events.
  • Hold harmless the ADO and all of its members for any harm resulting from your child's study and practice of ADO spirituality.
  • Exercise these rights at any time by contacting the ADO Midwife with your requests.
Add Enrolment to Cart: $300

[Full Access to Mentoring & Resources.]

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MINORS: Consent of Legal Guardian
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