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Please Note:   Please exercise discernment in sharing and storing these materials.  Giving access to persons other than those specified may result in your permanent expulsion from the ADO membership.  Please direct any questions or concerns about this policy to the ADO Members Liaison or the ADO Midwife.  S/he will be more than happy to assist you in any way s/he can.

        ADO Tribes Members in good standing may download one copy of The Book of Tribes and Dreaming the Tribes for personal use, free of charge, on condition that you keep this information private to current ADO members only.   ADO Druids and Druid Novices may download one (1) copy of The Grove Book, The Book of Druids, The ADO Healing Primer, The Book of Star Lore, and The Book of Rites, for personal use, on condition that you share this information only with other current ADO Druids and Novices in good standing; however, you are asked to make a love offering to the Order in exchange for each book.  The amount of your love offering should be commensurate with the value you place on these resources, and on your ability to give.  If you are unable to make a donation, please consider giving your time and energy by volunteering within our community.

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Key Elements of ADO Spirituality

The Sacred Year
The 4 Fire Festivals;
Solstices & Equinoxes
The Sacred Story Cycle
The Myths Associated with the Sacred Year
The Sacred Landscape
Features of Avalonian Sacred Space

ADO Gatherings

          ADO members may access  Chat Lessons  may by clicking the  icon (above, or at left) and entering the Aspirant password.  Use the following links for the ADO Forum , and our Events page.
          Our Groves and Learning Circles are places of great creativity, scholarship, collaboration, and where we are offered the strongest experience of the joy of learning and sharing experiences in community. To learn more about our Groves and Circles, follow the link above, or to the right.