Druidry for a New Age . . .

- Resanctify your Life

- Rediscover your Soul Purpose

- Become the Person you were
      Born to Be

Our Druid Way

 The Tradition & The Order

          'Avalon' is the modern name for the pre-Celtic and Celtic Otherworld; a place of healing, respite, and renewal from one life to the next.  The Avalon Mystery Tradition (or Avalonian Tradition) originates from the spiritual philosophy, teachings, practices, and culture of the First Ancestors of the Isles and Western Europe; the earliest pre/proto-Celtic peoples, whom we call the "Braithion" (or "Speckled") People.  The First Ancestors established our living bond with Avalon's ancestral lands, and are among the beings collectively known as 'Fae' within our Tradition.  While all Avalonians share an ancestral bond, The Avalon Druid Order (ADO) base our Druid Way upon that of these First Ancestors.  Thus, ours is not a 'New Age' or 'Revivalist' Druid group, following a mixture of Celtic, Medieval, and Cabalistic teachings, but a 'Faery Druid' Way, following the  Root Wisdoms of Avalon's native peoples; a modern egalitarian Order teaching and practising an ancient, ancestral Tradition at the dawning of a new age: the Age of Aquarius.

          The Order is currently a registered, 501(c)(3) religous non-profit charity in the United States with a small, international membership following beliefs which set us apart from other groups.  Our concept of reality is holographic; one Great Pattern of Being expressed in infinite variation.  As pantheists, we view Spirit and Matter as being inseparably one, and the 'god'-consciousness as existing in, and informing all things. We are also polytheists, in the sense that we recognise many 'gods' in the forces of Nature, and in beings such as First Ancestors and the Fae, who appear omnipotent when operating outside their accustomed spheres of influence, and with whom we traditionally enjoy a positive rapport.  We understand all things as coming from, and returning to a generative matrix, Wellspring, or Source, which is not a god, but a conscious, transformational, evolutionary process intrinsic to the fabric of existence.  Thus, we believe that conscious awareness is inherent and informs and infuses everything in Creation; cycling through continual death and rebirth as part of a general process of spiritual evolution and renewal.

          The object of our spiritual work is mindful Self-Transformation as a way to Self-Empowerment and Sovereignty.  We change the world by first transforming ourselves, and then our membership communities. We achieve inspiration (or 'Awen') and enlightenment through healing, rebalancing, and (re)attuning to the highest spiritual energies as they express through the archetypal Isle of Avalon.  This Healing Cycle informs our passage through all of life's challenges and opportunities. Its principle tool is 'Shadow' work; recognising the parts of ourselves we've suppressed or denied, and releasing or transforming behaviour patterns which no longer serve.  Cycle is bound to an ancestral context defined by Avalon's Sacred Stories, Sacred Landscape, and Sacred Year; and natural cycles, such as the Calends and Albans (Quarter and Cross-Quarter Days) defined by the Solstices, Equinoxes, and the mid-points between them.

          Most of our spiritual work unfolds within Avalon's Dreamtime; the primal, primordial reality which pervades and unites Waking and Dreaming (or Otherworld) realities. Central to Braithion ritual ceremony are Dreaming practices  such as:  Immrama and Shared Dreaming (spirit journeys to Avalon), Doorway and Dream Re-entry (defining ancestral symbols). Ritual 'Circle' ceremonies are restricted to Station/Feast Days, Sun (Tide) and Moon workings, and employ a form of communion called "merging", rather than the evocational or invocational forms common to most Neopagan/druid groups.  Our Druids are not intermediaries between the Tribes (or membership) and the Gods, but spiritual metaphysicists and metaphysicians; specialists, who meet as equals and become peers through continuous training and regular practice.

Membership & Training

          ADO training does not provide 'answers'; it teaches a method for discovering Traditional answers for oneself.  Ancestral beliefs, teachings, and practices, are conveyed through direct observation, experience, and a process of enquiry known as "the Hunt".  Our ' answers' are a result of this work .  Advancement is merit-based, in accord with each members' demonstrable knowledge, skill, and understanding of the ancestral worldview, as evidenced through active participation and service within our community (e.g. helping with educational outreach, mentoring, and events).  In the absence of local Groves, we 'seed' our own by starting our own Aspirant Learning Circles.  When there are no new Aspirants to train, we mentor each other.  The distances between us, we span using whatever technologies the Order elects to employ (currently, our Members Forum and Chatrooms ).  If you are already feeling uneasy about committing this much time and energy, then our Druid Way may not be for you.  But if you are eager to begin your journey, read on!

How to Join

          All Aspirants (i.e. prospective members) must successfully complete a 9-month Home Study (the Aspirant course) before applying as candidates for Lifetime Membership.  The course introduces you to Traditional teaching methods, the ancestral worldview, and our Sacred Story Cycle, and provides you with appropriate Guides and the basic Dreaming skills necessary to participate more effectively within our community.  Mentoring is provided on a volunteer basis.  The Aspirant Fee ($300 USD) funds the ADO's general operating expenses.  Your payment of this Fee demonstrates your commitment and your willingness to reciprocate for coursework including 136 hours of mentored lesson time, and expanded access to ADO Member resources.  Naturally, deferring your Fee payment will limit your access to these benefits.

          Most Aspirants and new Lifetime Members devote  7 to 14 hours per week to study and to practicing their newly acquired skills.   While 7 hours per week is sufficient to complete basic lesson assignments, it takes at least an additional 14 hours per week to master skills and make rapid progress towards learning, adopting, and integrating the ancestral worldview.  Be prepared to make a serious, long-term commitment of time, energy, and effort, and to double your commitment should your Dream of Calling lead you into the Druid Novitiate.  If you believe you are ready to serve, then please submit the Enrolment/Application Form and Fee Payment .  We would be delighted to welcome you into the next Aspirant Course!